Corporate Yoga

Want a happier, healthier workplace? You just need to move, breathe, and get to know joy.

Book a session of Postures · Breath · Joy (Via zoom until further notice.)

  • gentle movement and stretching for feeling great at your desk
  • simple, effective breathing and meditation strategies for more focus
  • remember or get to know joy at your workplace and beyond

Thank you!

I don't know how she did it, but Terry Littlefield managed to enlighten, invigorate, calm and relax a room full of people via Zoom! 
I recently invited Terry Littlefield to my Online Acting Class; so she could share some breathing, meditation and movement techniques with my students. The class was made up of industry veterans and recognizable up and comers. In an instant she had everyone's trust - she had us laughing, crying and really breathing. Terry is beyond amazing. Her knowledge of the body, posture, and simple tricks to destress and declutter, left my students and myself feeling energized, rejuvenated and refreshed. She has an incredible gift, that we're all so lucky she shares. 
Cullen Douglas 
The Actor's Asylum 
Burbank, CA