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Very gentle Halloween yoga! 10:00 am pst


Join me if you dare for a VERY gentle Halloween yoga class. Wear a costume if you'd like. PROPS: a chair, a blanket, two pillows, and a broom.

Online classes via Zoom.  

Mondays/Wednesdays  10:30-11:30 am   Level 1

Tuesdays/Thursdays  4:30-5:30 pm  VERY Gentle

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Private Instruction

Within the realm of private instruction, we focus on you and your wishes.
Less pain?  Build strength?  Increase flexibility?
Relaxation and Restoration?  
What is your yoga wish?

Call/Text:  818.515.8511


What is your yoga wish?

What is your yoga wish?

What clients are saying...

Terry Littlefield is the only yoga teacher who makes me feel truly comfortable thanks to her realism, humor, and kindness! I was amazed to finally stop feeling like a fraud, an imbecile, an incompetent, or someone not conscious enough to "get" yoga. She makes practice accessible and fun for everyone -- without having to stand on my head and do the splits! I left her class feeling better and smarter physically, emotionally and spiritually . How many times have you been able to describe a workout as a good time with a lot of laughs? Yeah. You will. At last, I've changed my story of "I hate yoga," to, "I found a great yoga teacher, and that made all the difference!" Megan W.


I'm so glad I attended your YAY-Yes And...Yoga workshop! I found it so incredibly inspiring and it felt like exactly where I needed to be. Later, at a wedding, I felt so confident talking to strangers because of what I learned in the workshop!! What Megan talked about (and what I always hear in your classes!) connects to things I've been working on in my teaching and in my personal life.


Sweet 16 Retreat January 16, 2016-a one day yoga retreat

It was absolutely amazing Terry - just what I needed. I took away so much - both mentally and physically - and really am inspired to make taking care of myself more of a priority going forward. Side bonus - I feel confident to do yoga in a class setting!!  You are a fantastic teacher, and I'm so glad there are people like you in the world!

Thank you, Kim H.


Wow. There's so much I want to say about how much I enjoyed and how beautifully the 1-Day Yoga Retreat with Terry Littlefield went! *The venue was absolutely beautiful and perfect for this event. *The sequencing of the day's events - the 'meet and greet' circle was so much fun! Not your typical "Hi my name is..." *Being fluid throughout the day was such a wonderful thing for me. There was a schedule, but it was smooth and never felt rushed. *Having a constant source of hot tea and healthy snacks available was such a bonus! *The snippets of meditation were perfect for me (a non-meditator!). *The lunch from UnrivaledKitch was absolutely amazing. *There were plenty of props to keep everyone comfortable. *Our movement sequences were so well thought out and put together. I felt that anyone could modify as needed and still benefit. *The group! These women were phenomenal and I never felt a single iota of judgment or negative temperament. 5 stars isn't enough....give me 16 for the Sweet16 Retreat!

Coach Kim Smith
Kinesis Movement Studio
Culver City, CA


At age 68 I had arthritis in almost every joint. After sitting a while I had difficulty standing up straight. I had to take several steps bent over. I had no strength or flexibility. I was leery of joining a yoga class because of my age and condition but my niece told me she found a wonderful teacher, so I took a chance.  Terry's class is relaxing, enjoyable and challenging all at the same time. She is patient, kind and wonderful about helping students use props to adapt the class to their needs and abilities.

Soon I will be 70. I have advanced from once a week to two or three classes a week. I know I will never look like those skinny, graceful young girls you see in the magazines, but I am extremely happy that I have some little muscles now. My flexibility and strength have improved exponentially.  Beyond that, the time I spend in yoga class with Terry makes me feel at peace, relaxed and centered. I have even learned to breathe.

I am forever grateful to Terry for making me feel younger as I grow older.

Jeri Warwick


"Terry is a caring, intuitive, and friendly yoga teacher. Her classes are challenging and very rewarding. I always leave my class feeling wonderful in my body and my mind. She is very good at tailoring my lessons to address my specific needs and adjusts poses that are problematic for me due to past injuries. In short, I love Terry!  Namaste!"  

Michael P. 


"Terry Littlefield blends the most perfect amount of yoga, spirituality, love, and humor in her yoga class which will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed in body and mind.

Terry's private yoga instruction is the best I've ever had.  Her knowledge of the body and how to help, mixed with her genuine concern of your well being, is why I like to call her my personal yoga guru!"

Melissa L.


"Of course I could easily describe Terry Littlefield’s classes as fun, insightful, imaginative, and challenging. But that certainly wouldn’t do her justice. What has truly kept me coming back to Terry for years now, is her masterly knowledge of our framework, our basic body structure. Life before Terry was one filled with assorted aches and pains. Now, because of her scientific training, and ability to communicate, I am thrilled to say that I have never physically felt better."

Linda S.


"Terry pays very close attention to individual needs, whether it be mental or physical, catering her class to most benefit each student.  Week after week she never forgets the needs and personalities of each student, making the experience feel extremely personal.

Terry's classes worked very well in tandem with my weight training as she puts a lot of emphasis on stretching and conditioning the joints and muscles.

Terry has a very calming effect, from her warm personality all the way down to the sound of her voice.  I was always extremely relaxed and recharged after her classes.  I always left her classes with a clear mind.”

Jay H.


"I commute from the Los Angeles area to Santa Barbara 2-3 times a week, and when I’m not commuting, I’m often sitting and grading student papers or lesson planning for upcoming classes. I was looking for a way to increase my activity levels and move my body to compensate for all the time I spend sitting, and I found Terry’s Level 1 class at Forward Fold yoga studio. I have a demanding schedule and I’m not a yoga or exercise enthusiast, so I began by taking one class a week. Right away I found Terry’s class to be simultaneously inviting and challenging. Every class Terry leads us through a perfectly paced sequence. We begin with poses aimed at getting the mind and body connected and our bodies moving and warmed up. We move into poses that challenge both the body and mind. Finally, we end with poses that slow us down and prepare us for the final resting pose, savasana. I also appreciate that Terry offers options for every pose, so each student can make the pose as challenging or as easy as she needs it to be, and that she brings to every class a sense of experimentation and fun. I started taking yoga classes because it was something I felt I should do for my health, but it has now become something I want to do. I even attend classes twice a week and got my cousin and aunt to attend Terry’s class with me.  The three of us go to Terry’s class together and always feel better walking out the door than when we walked in." 

Dr. Nicole W.