Summer of Permission

It hit me while talking to a friend about my aching hip, my cranky achilles tendons, and my just overall tiredness and bitchiness.  I wasn’t giving myself the same permission that I give my students.  LIGHT BULB MOMENT! 

I always encourage students to try new things, on their mats and out in the world.  I offer up permission to rest as often, and for as long as they like in class. 

I remind them that legs up the wall at home counts as a yoga practice.  It doesn’t have to be an hour and a half with a teacher.  A walk in nature counts.  Sitting and focusing on breathing counts.  They count.  They are enough! 






Since that conversation: 

I have enjoyed a nap almost daily.  20-minutes or so seems to suit me just right. 

I have learned to do a few strength moves with my first kettle bell. 

I am practicing movement every day, even if only for ten minutes.  Sometimes it’s an hour.  Most of the time, it’s 25 minutes or so.  I put on loud, awesome music and just go for it. 

I am mixing yoga, with hula hooping, squats, push ups, hanging, and walking. 

I am giving myself permission to treat my body with loving kindness, aches and pains and all.   I check in every day and explore movement as a gift instead of a SHOULD.  I give myself permission to PLAY, find joy in movement, in breath, in meditation, in all areas of my life.  Because I too am enough. 

I think, as teachers, as women, we become really good at giving.  Give more.  Give the best class ever.  Give a workshop for every single class.  Give.  Give.  Give. Perhaps this summer, 

you will GIVE yourself permission to receive.  Or give yourself permission to rest, reset, recharge, play, laugh, dance, swim…the possibilities are endless.



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