About Terry

Greetings, my name is Terry Littlefield,  

I was born and raised in Maine.  The state motto is:  The way life should be.  Yes.  And yet I live in the wild, wonderful city of Los Angeles.  Actually, a suburb in the valley or I probably couldn't handle it.  I'm not vegan.  I love food, including junk food.  I have to make choices every day about moderation as I love to indulge.  I absolutely want to travel more.  My favorite place so far besides Maine is Italy.  

Last year I turned 50 and it is kicking my ass in both positive and less than positive ways.  My body is changing, and I'm grateful to have lots of knowledge of how to best take care of myself when body parts are cranky.  If I can't figure it out, I know who to ask.  My mind is also changing.  I need daily meditation and breath work to stay calm and centered.  Most importantly, I need joy.  I seek it out.  I am playful.  And I encourage playfulness in my classes.  I love to hula hoop, dance, collage, lift weights, take aqua Zumba, and other joyFULL activities, like coloring, daydreaming, cooking, et cetera.  The possibilities are limitless.

In the insanity that is yoga in Los Angels, I am grateful you made it to my website.  As you can see from the L O N G list below, I love to learn.  I strongly believe when I'm done learning, I should be done teaching.  And I hope to be teaching til I take my last breath.  Did you know that we take approximately 20,000 breaths a day?  For real!  It's a lot.  And they are an integral part of your joy,  your peace of mind, and the peace of mind of those around you.

If you are seeking out yoga for the first time, I applaud you and encourage you to keep investigating. There are LOTS of us out there. Some say yoga teachers are the new waitress.)  Of course, we are not all the same.  My classes are quite unique.  I teach PB&J, Posture, Breath & Joy.  If you want to have fun while practicing yoga, I'm your yogi. 

In a typical class there will most likely be some laughter.  I share lots of movements that don't always resemble typical yoga poses. There is stretching AND strength. I believe variety is the spice of life.  I don't teach the same poses, the same way, day after day.  I teach the bodies that are in front of me with great care and passion. I have a plan for each class, although I'm not attached to it at all.  I'm there for you.  I love my job.  

Students might say I have a big sense of humor and an even bigger heart.  They might say other stuff like, "I feel really comfortable in Terry's class."  You can check out my testimonial page if you'd like.  Feel free to call or text or email me.  I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have about starting a yoga practice or attending my class.  I teach beginners and level 1. I also teach a gentle yoga class that is actually gentle.  

If you consider yourself an "advanced" yogi, I challenge you to come to my gentle class. See if you can be present and still the way they can.  They kick ass at slowing down, un-rushing, and practicing self care. They inspire me.

If you're still reading, please get up and stretch.  I look forward to connecting with you on the mat or with my new endeavor, Soul Coaching Oracle cards!  Click here for the JoyJULL Card Readings Page

For now,  Namaste (The light in me sees and honors the light in you.)  Or as I like to say, NamasTerry!


Terry's L O N G list of Yoga Education and Certifications:  If you make it through this list, you might also have a hint of nerd like me.

I am a 500-Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher.   

Quantum Leap with Sarah Court
Movement.  Science.  Education.
February 2016

Workshops and Trainings with Jules Mitchell:
300-RYT June 2015
Core Encore February 2016
The Science of Stretching-Restorative December 2015
Shoulder Potential November 2015
Variation Nation-A crash course in biomechanics April 2015
The Spinal Map January 2015
The Science of Stretching December 2014

Yoga Tune Up® Integrated Teacher 
Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher with Jill Miller, September 2012
+Yoga Tune Up® Hips Immersion  with Jill Miller 2012
+Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Practitioner with Jill Miller 2012
+Yoga Tune Up® Core Integration Immersion with Jill Miller 2013
+Yoga Tune Up® Integrated Embodied Anatomy with Sarah Court 2013
+Yoga Tune Up® Shoulders Immersion with Jill Miller 2013
+The Roll Model Method-Sequencing and Innovation with Jill Miller 2014
Learn to live better in your body with the work of Yoga Tune Up®. 

200-RYT Rising Lotus Yoga with Claire Hartley and Daniel Stewart  2010 

A big THANK YOU to my teachers - past, present & she hopes to study with in the future (not necessarily in that order). Thank you for your knowledge, inspiration and continued guidance.  Jules Mitchell, Sarah Court, Patty Pierce, Claire Hartley, Tara Brach, Katy Bowman, Max Strom.   Thank you from deep within my heart and hamstrings. Thank you to my students.  YOU are my true teachers.And thank you to my photographer, and LP,   <3 SabrinaPozzi.com.